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Volleyball Clinics

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Basketball Summer Camps

Basketball Clinics

Strength & Conditioning

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Volleyball Summer Camp Registrations

Strength & Conditioning Information

Stay active this summer with our strength & conditioning workouts! Coach Joel Stary will train your athlete through workouts designed to address their quickness, strength, flexibility, agility, core strength and their vertical.

Mon thru Thurs from 5- 6 PM

    *1 week $40       *2 weeks $60       *3 weeks $80       *4 weeks $90


Nightly Clinics

Basketball Clinics

Mondays                              K-3rd              6-7:30 PM                                       7th-8th Boys         7:30-9 PM

Tuesdays                             4th-6th           6-7:30 PM                                      7th-8th Girls     7:30-9 PM

Fridays                                 9th-12th Girls    6-7:30 PM                              9th-12th Boys    7:30-9 PM       

Volleyball Clinics

Wednesdays                     3rd-4th           6-7:30 PM                                     9th-12th               7:30-9 PM

Thursdays                           5th-6th                6-7:30 PM                               7th-8th                 7:30-9 PM


Volleyball Serving Clinics

                                                 5th-6th                 1-2 PM

Hitting & Setting Clinics

                                                 7th-8th                 2-3 PM                                      9th-12th                 3-4 PM

Basketball Shooting Clinics 

                                                 5th-6th               4-5 PM                                        7th-8th                   5-6 PM

                                                 9th-12th Girls          6-7 PM                              9th-12th               7-8 PM

All clinics are 4 nights for 90 minutes of instruction for $80

Specialty clinics are 1 night for 60 minutes of instruction for $25 or 4 nights for $80

Limited number of athletes per clinic

Boys are welcomed to VB clinics                


Champions Sports Center Volleyball Camps

July 6th & 8th                           2-5 PM       5th & 6th Grade

July 13th & 15th                     9-11 AM 7th Grade Beginners

                                                          11AM- 2PM  7th & 8th Grade

                                                           2-5 PM 9th- 12th  Grade

July 20th & 22nd                    11AM -2PM 3rd & 4th Grade

                                                             2-5 PM       5th & 6th Grade   

July 27th & 29th                    9-11 AM 7th Grade Beginners

                                                          11AM- 2PM  7th & 8th Grade

                                                           2-5 PM 9th- 12th Grade


2 Day Camps Limited number of athletes per camp

3rd & 4th Grade $60 per camp

5th- 12th Grade $80 per camp


Champions Sports Center Basketball Camps

Aug 3rd & 5th                           9-11 AM       K- 2nd Grade

                                                          11 -1 PM      3rd- 4th Grade

                                                          1 - 4 PM         5th & 6th Grade

Aug 10th & 12th                   10 AM - 1 PM     7th & 8th Grade Girls

                                                          1 - 4 PM                 7th & 8th Grade Boys 


2 Day Camps       Limited number of athletes per camp

K- 4th Grade $60 per camp

5th- 8th Grade $80 per camp



Champions Sports Center

  • Champions offers quality in instruction for all ages in volleyball and basketball.
  • We strive to provide a bridge between recreational leagues and club/select ball. 
  • We understand that not all High School & Middle School athletes have the time, money,  or ability to play club or select but still want to receive training.
  • We offer sessions designed to train all aspects of the game. 
  • Our sessions will teach basic skills of each sport to skills required in offense and defense for young athletes. 
  • Our specialty clinics provide on level and age appropriate training.
  • Our mission is to provide your athlete with a comprehensive experience of each sport at affordable prices. 

Clinic Descriptions

Youth Basketball Clinics will focus on ball handling and shooting skills through a variety of drills and games.  

Youth Volleyball Clinics will focus on passing, setting and serving through a range of drills and games.

Middle School Volleyball Clinics will focus on passing, setting, attacking and serving in individual and team style drills and games.

Specialty Clinics devote time to extensive attention to specific skills and the components that make them successful.


Contact US Christy Tate

Champions Sports Center Co-Owner

Phone: (817) 505-9599